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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a basic question about life in Glen Lake Estates? This is a good place to start. Can't find the answer you're looking for? E-mail or call our Property Manager, e-mail the Board, or just use the QuickConnect button on the left.

Q-- Why doesn't the City of St Petersburg fix our roads?

A-- Glen Lake Estates is legally a "Private Urban Development" organized under State law, and owns its own roads. Therefore we must hire a contractor to fix them and pay for it ourselves.

Q-- Where does my monthly Association dues go?

A-- Our dues is mainly used to maintain the streets and sewers, the lake, the community wall, the entrance road, hire a management company, and pay insurance premiums. Prudent fiscal practices have kept our dues lower than many comparable communities.

Q-- I want to alter my home or add a room. Do I need permission?

A-- Not from the Homeowners Association! As long as you have proper City building permits and don't violate our Deed Restrictions, you can proceed.

Q-- How can I get to know my neighbors better?

A-- You've come to the right place! This website allows us to network and share information, and find out more about each other. Try signing up for a Resident Spotlight, add your card to our Business Exchange, post on our residents Message Board. And introduce yourself on the street!

Q-- I never received a copy of the Deed Restrictions. Where can I get them?

A-- Easy, just contact our Property Manager, and she will be glad to mail you a copy of our Covenants and Association By-Laws at no charge. You can also view, download or print them right from this website. Review the documents on the Board Page.



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