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Resident Spotlight

photo of Glen Lakes resident Gene Lisansky

Eugene Lisansky  

Gene has been a resident of Glen Lake Estates since November 2000, and moved to Tampa Bay from the New York City area in late 1995. After 28 years as a broadcast journalist and manager, Gene has now changed careers, starting his own business in website design, digital imaging, and photography. In December 2008 he earned a Certificate in Web Design at St. Petersburg College (see photo), and found that many of the students, like himself, aren't as young as they used to be. When not in front of a computer, Gene is fond of watching classic film and television, reading history and biography, and cooking. He recently "retired" from playing recreational ice hockey after a 17-year career on skates. Gene and his wife Daisy enjoy taking a daily walk, and can frequently be seen "inspecting" the neighborhood and enjoying each others company.

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